(The design of the blog is principally the result of impatience when rooting through WordPress.com’s themes. Although it may also be construed as some sort of ironic reference to grass-roots politics.)

James Harvard is a conflicted Conservative-Libertarian, a wholly unconflicted opponent of the European Union and someone who spends an unhealthy amount lot of time in a state of rant-out-loud fury about what someone-or-other just said on Radio 4. He hopes that occasional blogging will help to improve his writing, debating and idea-framing skills, ideally to the point where he is able to contribute to the nation’s political discourse in some way. As such, readers are warned that no claims are made for the quality of the posts herein, and that writing style may be subject to change without warning.

He is presently unsure as to whether writing the third person is a mark of cool detachment or monstrous egotism.


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